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Fire hose reels are required in most classes of buildings where a fire hydrant system is installed or to serve any fire compartment with a floor area greater than 500m2.

Fire hose reels should be plumbed into the metered water supply or other fire systems pending approval and should be designed, installed and located in accordance with Standards AS/NZS1221, AS2441 & the Building Code of Australia.

Fire hose reels, along with fire extinguishers are used as the "first attack" equipment in the very early stages of a fire and can be used by building owners, occupiers, tenants and the fire brigade. The correct training and instruction on the use of fire hose reels should be applied in order to act and operate in a safe and effective manner.

Fire hose reels should be tested and maintained in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard AS1851.

REMAC Fire Safety can supply and install the correct quantity of fire hose reels in your building in accordance with the Standards and provide the ongoing maintena once and certification.

Never put yourself at risk to extinguisher a fire.